Th Charlie Files~2 months

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Color me shocked, Charlie is still an angel! He enjoys watching his brothers play, when they’re not causing him to fear for his life. I know they’re just trying to be affectionate, but catching either of the two of them crouching over Charlie on the floor with their finger making a beeline for his eyeball is always cause for alarm.

But really, when properly supervised siblings are at a safe distance, they’re a great help! Ty likes lying next to and talking to Charlie, and Charlie tolerates him pretty well.

Charlie is still the sleepiest of babies.

I know, I can’t believe it either. At nearly 10 weeks old he is still taking four naps a day, each after about an hour of awake time. His first nap of the morning and afternoon are long naps, the second morning and afternoon ones are usually only an hour long. I keep them that way.

Charlie will eat at any point between the hours of 1:30 and 4:30 am. A couple weeks ago we had a freak 5:15-er, but otherwise he doesn’t seem to be moving his way out of the one night feeding.

Anyone who has read Babywise (raising my hand) will tell you that most babies who follow their method of scheduling (hand is WAY up there) will drop their nighttime feeding between 8 and 10 weeks. The stragglers are supposed to drop it by 12 weeks.

Well, Babywise…we shall see.

Really, I don’t mind getting up just once a night. There’s hardly ever any drama. Charlie wakes, eats, burps (if I’m lucky), goes back to sleep. Easy. Right now I plan to give him till four months to drop the night feeding on his own before we have to conduct an intervention. I’ll sleep train if I have to but I never want it to come to that.

Can I talk about scheduling for a minute? How much I love having a baby who’s on a schedule? It’s a lifesaver, even a life-creator! If Charlie wasn’t on a schedule, I’d never know what I could do when. Or, alternatively, I’d do whatever I wanted by dragging Charlie along for the ride, resulting in a sleep-deprived, fussy baby.

More power to all you moms who can fly by the seat of your pants, facing chaos with a smile on your face; I’ve never been good at just rolling with it so I stand in awe of your easy-going spirit.

For the rest of you who, like me, find it hard to go through your day without some some level of predictability, give scheduling a try.

It’s not unrealistic, it’s not hard, it’s not restricting. It’s the best thing I can do for my sanity and my other children.

Thank you, Babywise book, for showing me the way 🙂

Oh, and let me tell you about another book that opened my eyes. Heathy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Weissbluth is a long, clinical read at times, but it changed the way I look at sleep. While it’s hard to recall with perfect clarity those fuzzy newborn days of yore, I’m pretty sure I deprived my first two children of sleep simply by weaning them off their “extra” naps too early.

To my mind, if I let the baby sleep more than a few hours a day, there’s no way he’d sleep well at night. If I let a baby nap twice in the morning (like Charlie still does), how could I expect him to nap well in the afternoon (like Charlie does)? If I put a baby to bed “early” (the way I put Charlie down at 7:15pm, which actually isn’t all that early), how on earth can I expect him to sleep to the next morning, minus a feeding?

It seems counterintuitive but  the more a baby sleeps, the more he’ll sleep. It’s a general principle but for Charlie it’s been working well. I’ll let him drop his naps when he’s ready and in the meantime enjoy a happy, well-rested baby!

I had no idea this baby update would turn into a book recommendation post. Must be the nerdy bookwork in me manifesting 😉

Now let’s let the aspiring photographer in me manifest a little, shall we?



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