Teaching preschoolers about Easter

How to teach preschoolers about Easter
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Teaching preschoolers about Easter is good for my soul. My kids are 3 and 1.5, so this is the first year I’ve put time into familiarizing them with the Easter story. 


Here’s what we’ve been using for our Easter learning:

Family Life Resurrection Eggs

Really Woolly Easter Blessings

Ready, Set, Find Easter

The International Children’s Bible

I’ve found all of these resources to be age appropriate for my very young children, as well as being easy to use. But I especially cannot say enough about the resurrection eggs!

How to teach preschoolers about Easter

Resurrection Eggs

These eggs are wonderful. The items inside are made from a range of materials (metal, stone, hard plastic, etc.), perfect for curious little fingers to explore.

I don’t want to give away any of the contents, but these are all items that make sense and are easily identifiable in the scripture passages provided.

Oh yeah, the scripture passages are provided 🙂 The eggs come with a bilingual booklet that includes a bible passage to accompany each egg, along with an explanation. So far I’ve relied very little on the provided explanations and just done my own.

We do the eggs during or after a meal while we’re still at the table. So far we’ve done anywhere from 1 to 4 eggs at a time, depending on how interested the kids are.

I give these eggs five stars! They come in a sturdy plastic case and will last much longer than anything I could have thrown together myself.

International Children’s Bible

I’ve raved about this bible before; bottom line, I think if you have kids then you need to have this bible to go with them!

Though the resurrection eggs booklet includes full bible passages, I prefer to read the bible from the bible. This is the same bible we use when we read aloud to the kids during morning time, and it does an excellent job of adapting vocabulary for the very young without distorting meaning.

Easter Blessings and Ready, Set, Find Easter

These books are super cute. Both are very sturdy (read: suitable for toddlers!) and can be read a page at a time; no need to wait until you have twenty minutes to spare. The Easter Blessings book includes bible verses, related rhymes, and short prayers.

Ready, Set, Find Easter is a look-and-find book following Jesus from his ride into Jerusalem to one of his appearances to the disciples post-resurrection. Paraphrased bible passages serve as the text.

Both of these books are well suited for the age, interest, and attention span of one or both of my young children. I’m a fan of poetry and look-and-find books, so these are right up my alley too!

How to teach preschoolers about Easter

Other ideas

In the week leading up to Easter, I have plans to play the Easter story on the Bible.Is app on my phone. This free app was news to me a few weeks ago and let me tell you, it’s a great tool!

Bible.Is is simply a dramatized version of the bible. It’s strictly scripture, nothing else, but the characters’ “lines” are read dramatically by different people accompanied by sound effects and background music. It’s been a refreshing shake up to our normal bible readings.

Resurrection rolls are on the agenda for Easter morning! I can’t think of a more perfectly delicious way to reiterate the glorious gift to us that is the resurrection 🙂

And lastly, because I like the fun as well as the true, we’ll hunt for eggs at least once.

How are you teaching your preschooler or toddler about Easter? Share your ideas with me!



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