Privacy and Disclosure

Welcome to the Housekeeping section of The Sun’s Up Somewhere. This is, without exception, the most mundane thing you will ever read here. Ever.

I’m required to let you know that I make money off this blog. Maybe I don’t exactly make any money yet, but I hope to make at least a little money eventually. Affiliate links, ads, maybe even sponsored or underwritten posts one day, they are all intended to help me earn a little side income. If you click on a link or image on my blog and as a result spend some of your hard-earned money, there’s a chance I get a cut. So thank you for that 🙂

Let’s be clear on another thing: brace yourself, I’m not an expert on the stuff I talk about here (shocked?). No, I rely a lot on opinion, observation, experience and occasional “research” ( I use the word loosely). I won’t advise you medically or legally, and just because I do something a certain way doesn’t necessarily make it right for you, so as long as you keep all that in mind you should be fine…

And please, rest assured that I’m not in the business of selling or giving away your information. Nope.

I think that covers it. Now that we’re on the up and up let’s get on with the fun stuff!