Great Bible Memory Verses for Toddlers

Back in my more ambitious days of “preschooling” my toddler I compiled a curriculum that we very quickly abandoned, save for one element: the scripture verses. My plan was to cover theology in a systematic way with my then just two year old; each week we’d have a statement about the Bible or God and a verse to accompany it. I used our favorite systematic theology text (free online here) and a Truth &Training AWANA book to get our statements and find most of the verses. Then I typed out the statements and verses within the larger curriculum I was piecing together. Basically, I was awesome…those were the days.

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Missionary or Missionary-support?

I grew up knowing missionaries. My church supported many families in many parts of the world, and I was privileged to personally know a few of them. My mom read missionary biographies aloud to us. My parents hosted missionaries in our home and invited them to dinner. I knew what a missionary was.

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Morning Time Part 1~ Bible and Faith

I started morning time before I knew it was almost at the registered trademark level in the homeschool community. I didn’t call it morning time (I didn’t call it anything, really), but I found that the best way to get our bible and other faith-based learning in was to do it first thing.

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Starting Young and Small: Laid-back preschool at home

I’m over zealous when it comes to teaching my 2.5 year old. I admit it! I’d love it if we were doing daily alphabet coloring pages and arranging numbers from 1-10, but Ty has a low tolerance for coloring and we’re still working on identifying our numbers, much less ordering them. If my idea of “preschool” was completely bound to this traditional idea, I’d be stressed and frustrated with him (still am sometimes…).

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The Case for Homeschooling: The Early Years

My kids are young. Really young. My oldest is 2.5 and the youngest just turned 1, so the fact that I say we “homeschool” is probably laughable to some. But homeschooling is simply receiving one’s education at home. Age doesn’t really matter. We might not be sitting down with the workbooks, beakers and protractors (Ok, we are definitely not doing that!), but I still like to think of us as homeschoolers.

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