Th Charlie Files~2 months

Color me shocked, Charlie is still an angel! He enjoys watching his brothers play, when they’re not causing him to fear for his life. I know they’re just trying to be affectionate, but catching either of the two of them crouching over Charlie on the floor with their finger making a beeline for his eyeball is always cause for alarm. Continue reading “Th Charlie Files~2 months”

Writing rules no one can break

The general public could take or leave writing rules, and many just leave them. It’s like they (the regular guys, living among us) forgot everything they learned in school about contractions and possessives and how to form plurals and a bunch of other nit-picky rules.  Continue reading “Writing rules no one can break”

Hello from the first trimester

Oh, hey first trimester. I remember you…really, really well.

Consider that my big pregnancy announcement for baby number 3. Imagine me dancing around in something flowery and graceful, or posing for an adorable picture with my smiling family, all anxiously awaiting the arrival of whoever I’m busy growing. Continue reading “Hello from the first trimester”

The art of accidental learning: Repetition

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The old way

I tried to force my toddler to learn. Of course I imagined I was doing it gently (meaning we weren’t drilling multiplication tables or anything), but there was a time when I was requiring an even younger version of Ty, my now 2.5 year old, to put forth some effort and just learn for cryin’ out loud. I had more than a few misconceptions to work out.

Continue reading “The art of accidental learning: Repetition”

What I’m reading this month

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December is a busy time of year for a lot of people, but for us in, here in South Africa, it almost couldn’t be more low key. Companies have closed folks have taken to the coast for their summer vacations. Activities (like gymnastics, swimming lessons, bible studies) have taken an extended hiatus, wiping the calendar clean of commitments. To top it off, my husband’s office is closed for more than two weeks! Continue reading “What I’m reading this month”