hey, I’m Meredith and this is the fam.

We’re Americans serving with a missions organization in South Africa and are enjoying life and learning with our kids in the Southern Hemisphere. I’ve been blogging sporadically since 2009, kind of wandering around in a niche-less moratorium. Having kids helped nail down my real interests, and I started The Sun’s Up Somewhere in 2016. We’re a homeschool-African missionary-mom blog. It’s a thing…now.

Though not formally trained in the field of education, I’m passionate about teaching my kids the right kinds of things in the best kind of way, and I believe I’m the best person for that job! I love morning time, reading aloud, and watching imagination blossom. I think learning can start young and small and want to get my kids excited about it by being excited about it myself.

We came to South Africa as a tiny little family of two in January of 2013 and both of our boys were born here. My husband, Todd, works as a webmaster and graphic artist (sometimes just plain old artist), and I do some occasional writing and editing for the missions organization. We consider ourselves missionary-support for our co-workers on the front lines, and are glad we can use our skills and training with eternity in view.

Our foundation and standard is the Bible, and some of my posts will reflect that Christian faith. It’s so integral, I don’t think I could leave it out if I wanted to. That said, I am still fallen and still very much a sinner, moment-by-moment in great need of Jesus. I see my depravity clearer all the time, and yet He mercifully and abundantly shows me grace upon grace.