This week’s homeschool and morning time

Homeschool and morning time Ideas!
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It might almost be summer time, but “school” doesn’t shut down around here 🙂 I finally got myself semi-organized and threw together some morning time and homeschool readings and activities. 

Homeschool and morning time Ideas!
Back on track!

Being on furlough these last three months has not been good for our need  (my need) for order and organization, and it’s been totally my fault; I dropped the ball.

Not having a home of our own, having daddy around almost all the time, and trying to take advantage of things we only get to enjoy when we’re here has made school and morning time take a back seat…waaay in the back of a very long bus.

So here’s a look at some of what we’ve been up to this week. I hope it will encourage you!  You can totally homeschool your preschooler—and beyond—and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Reading, little activities and even ordinary games are all great ways to feed your kid’s brain 🙂

Morning Time

This week we’ve been listening to Genesis on the Bible.Is app. We’re on chapter three now, and have listened to each chapter for a few days before moving on to the next.

Our books this week are The Eloise Wilkin Treasury for literature, A Child’s Book of Character Building as part of faith and bible, Insect World  for science, and When We Were Very Young  for poetry.

Just a brief note here, I’d been wanting A Child’s Book of Character Building and was thrilled to find it at a used book sale. It’s a great resource for teaching virtues to very young children.

When We Were Very Young has also been on my list for a while, and my mom tracked down a copy for just over $1! Truth be told, I’m more into poetry than my kids, but they’ll come around…I think.

Not familiar with morning time? I’ve written a few posts on it! Check them out here, here and here.


Here are a few of the activities we’ve done this week:

Painting: I found a couple wooden painting pictures in the dollar spot at Target. Ty really enjoyed painting this race car!

Homeschool and Morning Time ideas

Homeschool and morning time Ideas!

M&M Counting: This is how we worked on basic math skills. Candy makes math so much better 🙂 Not being a math lover myself, I’m always looking for ways to make it attractive to my kids.

Homeschool and morning time Ideas!

I think I struck gold.

Homeschool and morning time Ideas!

No picture for this one, but Ty played his first game of Hi Ho Cherry O this week! Another way to make math fun 🙂

Add plenty of park time, some PBS, and a music morning at the library and that’s preschool!

What have you been up to with your kids this week?



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