Th Charlie Files~2 months

Color me shocked, Charlie is still an angel! He enjoys watching his brothers play, when they’re not causing him to fear for his life. I know they’re just trying to be affectionate, but catching either of the two of them crouching over Charlie on the floor with their finger making a beeline for his eyeball is always cause for alarm. Continue reading “Th Charlie Files~2 months”

TV is not the Devil

TV is full of junk. There’s violence, language, sex, anti-Christian values, subtle and not-so-subtle nods to the popular take on “open mindedness,” and the list goes on. You’re hard pressed to find a sitcom whose episodes don’t somehow center around deception, and parents are notoriously portrayed as idiots, worthy of truly disrespectful children. Continue reading “TV is not the Devil”

Homeschooling preschool through experiences

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As homeschoolers, it’s easy to let the academics of school become all-consuming. School is supposed to be about active practice in numbers, words, and facts we would otherwise not find very interesting. At times, it’s hard to let ourselves stray very far from that mindset because surely if we’re hammering down the academics hard enough, we won’t need experiences.  Continue reading “Homeschooling preschool through experiences”